“Bianco” Chicken With potato rissole & sour cream and soft cheese sauce 300 gr 9,90 lv 
Chicken Medallion With wild mushroom risotto 300 gr 9,90 lv 
Thai-style Chicken with Thai vegetables 300 gr 9,90 lv 
Poulet L’orange with Sauce Hollandaise With raisin rice side 300 gr 10,90 lv 
Pork Rolls with Prosciutto & Arugula With side of “Pomme de Terre Finnoises” 300 gr 12,90 lv 
Pork Bonne Fillet with Garden Herbs With grilled vegetables 300 gr 11,90 lv 
Veal “Pepper steak” Served with crispy vegetable hotplate 300 gr 18,90 lv 
Veal Nuggets In sweet & sour sauce, curry risotto side 300 gr 12,90 lv 
Veal Entrecôte in “Fine de Cognac” sauce with curry-flavored mashed potato side 300 gr 13,90 lv 
Duck Fillet with mashed potato side in truffle sauce 300 gr 12,90 lv