Crispy Chicken Green salad mix of fresh greens, crispy chicken, and green-base chili relish with a bruschetta side and pesto spread   280 gr 6,70 lv
Fresh Mango & Mozzarella Salad Served on cucumber and iceberg lettuce spread with a side of cashew and balsamic honey relish on olive oil base  300 gr 6,89 lv 
“BBQ Chicken” Salad mix of fresh greens, tomato slices, red beans & sweet corn in French dressing, avocado & tortilla garnish  300 gr 6,80 lv 
“Fresca” Salad mix of fresh celery, cucumber, tomato & iceberg lettuce, zucchini julienne garnish with avocado curry relish  280 gr 6,20 lv 
Shoppe Region Salad (local cuisine) Tomato wedges & cucumber slices, fresh or roasted pepper relish, white cheese   300 gr 5,50 lv
Greek Salad mix of fresh tomato, cucumber & onion slices on a lettuce spread with Feta cheese, pepper and olive garnish, olive oil and oregano condiment   300 gr 5,50 lv
Green Salad with Chicken Fillets garnish of blue cheese, roasted pecan nuts and grapes  300 gr 6,80 lv 
Peeled Tomato-and-Mozzarella Salad with basil dressing   300 gr 6,40 lv
“Caesar” Salad iceberg lettuce base with croutons, fried bacon strips, Caesar sauce with anchovy, parmesan sprinkle  300 gr 8,90 lv 
Tuna Salad Plateau iceberg & red lettuce base, tuna, tomato slices and sweet corn   300 gr 7,40 lv
“Sicily” Salad Iceberg lettuce base with prosciutto, dried figs, blue cheese & pecan nuts  300 gr 6,90 lv 
“Wakame” Salad wakame seaweed base, cucumber slices, sesame & soy sauce condiment, curry  300 gr 5,50 lv