Club Sandwich chicken fillet, bacon, gherkin & tomato slices, poached egg, French fries   300 gr 7,90 lv
“Curry Chicken” Sandwich Crispy fillet in curry sauce, iceberg lettuce garnish, all in crunchy olive-flavored ciabatta, parmesan sprinkle  300 gr 6,50 lv 
Turkey Fillet Baguette With soft cheese spread, tomato slices and fresh lettuce   250 gr 5,90 lv
Panini con Prosciutto e Mozzarella With fresh lettuce and tomato slices   250 gr 6,90 lv
Beef Burger minced veal, Emmental cheese, French fries  250 gr 6,90 lv 
Wholegrain Sandwich with Salmon & Philadelphia Cream-cheese 250 gr 7,90 lv 
Toast with ham, flat sausage & yellow cheese  250 gr 5,90 lv 
Bavarian Breakfast Sausages, egg, French fries, ketchup   300 gr 6,20 lv
English Breakfast Bacon & eggs, sausage, side of mushrooms, Heinz beans, French fries & tomato slices  300 gr 6,20 lv