Frimex Sofia Ltd is established in 1997 and it has been running businesses in the food and beverage sector ever since.

Bar & Diner Marseille opens back in 2000. In the beginning is nothing more but a small glassy two story building called by the locals: “the aquarium”. In 2004 the property is re-build in bigger and brighter building and it is known by many generations students and young people as one of the best places to have a proper coffee and outstanding meal.

Throughout the years we have established Frimex Catering Ltd as a successful company that delivers outstanding quality catering services.

Our Team

For a long time ago Bar & Diner Marseille is known for its flawless service and extremely competent staff. In the foundation of successes lies the mentoring of our general manager – Slav Tsenov, who proven himself to be one of the best in the sector. Every one of us is dedicated and ambitious which reflects on our final product- Your satisfaction.

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